Maddy’s Imaginary Dragon Part 1

It was a very sunny day with a light breeze blowing through the trees and a young girl named Maddy was outside playing in the little village she lived in. The village she lived in had a population of only seventy-three people not counting the unborn children of those women who were pregnant. The village was surrounded by a gorgeous green forest that had many tales and stories of the mystical creatures that lived and roamed within. The village rules were simple and that no one was allowed to go into the forest alone and that no children were allowed at all in the forest. There had been stories of children disappearing and never being heard from again.

Maddy was this young girl with a petite body and the reddest of red hair who was the most curious child of all the other children in the village. She was always into mischief and her parents were always worried she would get into trouble. She loved playing outside but didn’t have any friends because all of the other children picked on her because she was a bit peculiar. It wasn’t that she was peculiar or strange she just had a few imaginary friends that’s all. Her parents seemed a bit taken by the fact she had so many imaginary friends and worried she would have no social life. They really couldn’t force any of the children to be her friend and so she always played alone.

Since Maddy was always so curious about things she used to play close to the edge of the forest despite what her parents kept telling her about staying away from it. Maddy just wouldn’t listen. Every day she seemed to get closer and closer to the forest edge to where she could hear strange noises coming from inside. She also played near the forest because of all the pretty smells that came from it. She could smell the wildflowers and the evergreen trees of pine. Sometimes she would even find and pick a few wildflowers that grew on the edge of the forest and give them to her mother who would put them in a vase made of brown clay.

One day while Maddy was outside playing near the forest, she heard a strange noise and because she was always so curious she had to find out what it was that made that noise. She looked back at the village to see if anyone was watching her before she stepped one foot into the forest. No one was looking so she ran about ten feet into the forest before stopping to look around. She knew her parents would be disappointed in her for breaking the rules, but that was Maddy.

It was Maddy’s first time in the forest and was full of fear as she took small steps on a path she found among all the tall trees. She listened as she heard all the strange noises of birds, squirrels, and the occasional frog. It was beautiful and so full of colors. She thought to herself why would they be afraid of this place, it’s magnificent. Her fear started to ease up as she noticed all the different things that surrounded her. She began walking normally along the dirt-covered path looking at all the amazing things she saw. It was so beautiful and colorful that Maddy got lost in its scenery to realize she had walked right off of the path.

When she realized she had gotten off of the path it really didn’t bother her so much. She was enthralled by its beauty and all the wonderful smells of different trees and berry bushes. She even noticed a couple of squirrels running around a tree as if playing tag with each other. It made Maddy smile to see that it wasn’t as scary as everyone made it out to be. She was enjoying the rays of sunshine that glistened between the trees and saw some of the most beautiful butterflies. Maddy found a place that she really liked and it made her feel good.

She walked further into the forest and feeling the blades of green grass as they tickled her ankles above the red sneakers she had on her feet. She reached down and picked a few flowers putting them to her nose to smell. She held onto them as she walked glancing over at a nearby log which had a raccoon sitting on it. She stopped and stared at it as it was licking its paws and wiping its face. She watched in awe as the raccoon cleaned itself and then stopped and stared back at her. She wasn’t afraid of the raccoon, but tried to start a conversation with it like it would talk back to her. She tried calling it over and when she saw that it wouldn’t she attempted to take a couple of steps towards it, and it soon ran away.

Maddy kept walking until she came across a very big hole on the side of a large dirt mound. Her curiosity was getting the best of her because she approached the hole slowly as to investigate it. She looked down into the hole and saw that it was very dark and that it had steps leading down inside. She slowly stepped on the first step into this massive hole and asking if anyone was there. No one answered her back but she did hear strange noises coming from deep within. She knew she shouldn’t be in the forest but it was an adventure for her as she saw so many wonderful things.

As Maddy went further down into the hole she noticed a chill in the air. The deeper she went the colder it got. As she went down the steps she could look up on the walls and even in the darkness she could see things that glowed. There were glowing caterpillars, beetles, and even some worms. Her eyes were getting so big looking at all the wonderful things she was seeing. Maddy had to place her hand on the wall to keep herself steady but soon she had gone so far down that there was no more light and it was very dark. She had gone down so many steps she thought it would never end until she saw something up ahead.

She couldn’t really make it out because of the darkness but it seemed to be a pair of eyes. They were huge and white with green centers. She wasn’t sure what it was but it did notice her. She had finally reached the last step before noticing that it opened up into a large cave. At this point, Maddy was now scared and wishing she would have listened to her parents and not gone into the forest, but she was there and had to find out what belonged to those pair of eyes.

Stay tuned for the next part tomorrow….









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