How to Help Mommy & Daddy Pt 2

Hi, this is Wuby, and I am back to add three more things that you can do to help mommy and daddy at home. They are…

Help mommy wash dishes.

Gaby and I love playing in water and getting wet, so it becomes fun when we are helping mommy wash dishes after dinner. We get up on chairs or daddy puts us on the counter so we don’t fall and we help dry the dishes for her while daddy puts them away. We are not allowed to handle the glasses or anything breakable so we don’t get hurt or anyone else. Last night I heard mommy ask daddy for a dishwasher and I kind of got a little upset because I thought we were the dishwashers. What is she trying to replace us, were only four years old, how much trouble can we really be? “Hee Hee”. Let’s move on to our next idea, please.

Learn to tie our own shoes.

You can always make a game of it. Daddy taught us to tie our shoes and tried at first with bunny ears, but that didn’t go over so good. Gaby has issues with having to tie a bunny to her shoes. I thought it was funny myself. So after trying and trying we finally got it and now we can put our own shoes on. Mine is easy, but Gaby is still trying to buckle her sandals. Daddy and I sit back and chuckle watching her try to buckle them. I bet you can learn to tie your shoes, can’t you? That is the next step in becoming a big boy or girl. Try it and see if it works for you too.

Play quietly while company is visiting.

I like this one because it is called respect, which means you think highly enough of mommy and daddy not to disturb them when company is visiting. You play quietly if you’re in the same room or just move to another room so you don’t disturb them. The person or person’s visiting could be really important people who need to talk to mommy and daddy and they don’t need a lot of noise while they talk. Now if your Aunt Molly is visiting then I say “RUN!” Don’t look back, don’t pass go, and don’t collect any money when she is over. I try to like my Aunt Molly, but she always wants to squeeze my cheeks or flood me with kisses. Eeew, I hate her lipstick all over my face. But let’s move on.

Next time I will add another few things that you can do to help mommy and daddy which will help you learn and make them happy too, so see you later.



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